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You may order this software either directly from Integra Computing or from BMT Micro. Ordering from Integra will be slightly less expensive (only $90 for the first two workstations), but payment must be made by check and sent through the postal service.

If you prefer expedited E-mail delivery and payment by credit card, you may use this order form to purchase the software through BMT Micro. The marginally higher prices reflected below demonstrate how small BMT's markup is.

To complete this form, just select the number of workstations you wish to register. When you do, your order will be passed to a secure BMT Micro server, where you will be asked for your name, address, and credit card number. Your registered software will be E-mailed to you within 48 hours, but usually much sooner.

2 Workstations: $100
3 Workstations: $145
4 Workstations: $190
5 Workstations: $240
6 Workstations: $280
7 Workstations: $325
8 Workstations: $365
9 Workstations: $405
10 Workstations: $445
15 Workstations: $600
20 Workstations: $735
30 Workstations: $840
40 Workstations: $945
50 Workstations: $1045